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Lombardo's Trattoria
(Review from stlouis.msn.com)

Change is constant at this trattoria, thanks to fresh daily cooking. Lombardo's Trattoria is the spin-off of the long-time Italian original (since 1934), Lombardo's. You won't find anything resembling the Hill at this upscale Italian restaurant, especially since (1) it's located across the street from Union Station, and (2) it's home of the nationally recognized toasted ravioli.

Syndicated news columnists from L.A. to D.C. have deemed Lombardo's Trattoria to have the best toasted ravioli anywhere. They don't serve small squared ravioli like the rest of the competition. Instead, they're hearty, folded-over, filled dough pockets topped homemade marinana sauce. Another appetizer favorite is the fresh-fried spinach (is that an oxymoron?), which is dipped into a deep fryer for 10 seconds until slightly golden, then topped with lemon and grated parmesan cheese. There is a complete menu, but these two delights will distract you from making a final decision between the veal and the pasta.

Tricia Musel

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